Yoga Mamas Health is an extension of the Yoga Mamas Australia brand co-created by Yoga Therapists and Teachers, Kate Payne & Andrea Broadbear.

Born out of our love for the therapeutic benefits of yoga, we are taking our training & experience in Yoga Therapy, Mind Body Movement, Aromatherapy & Ayurveda to create courses & trainings to equip women to deeply connect with their own bodies. This goes beyond the Western trend in yoga and explores the idea that we create our own practice by having an intuitive understanding of our body, its needs and changes, as well as connecting with the environment around us.

Our ‘Embodied Yoga For Women’ courses include Women’s Health Workshops, Pre & Postnatal Therapeutic Yoga Trainings & Women’s Health Yoga Trainings, offered across Victoria & North Queensland over the next 12 months and beyond.

Meet Kate & Andy

Kate Payne & Andrea Broadbear are qualified Yoga Therapists and teachers who specialise in womens health. They are the creators of Yoga Mamas (founded in 2014) and have worked with pregnant and postpartum women for many years, both 1:1, small group settings and class environments. Both have experience working with and alongside allied health professionals including Osteopaths and Women’s Health Physiotherapists. Kate & Andy believe in a holistic approach to women’s health and therapeutic application of yoga to suit the individual guiding them to create a series of trainings and workshops that gather their knowledge and experience together for yoga teachers and health professionals wanting to or currently working with women.